Answering Hate Mail

Sometimes Ugly Hockey Sweaters staffs gets us comments for us poor writting skills. Written skill.

[insert picture of Hitler here]

[deny that the Holocaust happened. No, wait: Do that later]

Here's a comment...

Honestly, this is a poorly written piece. I am having trouble understanding what point the author is trying to make if any.

My rebuttal was like a brilliant retaliation. It was like when George Bush the 1rst unleashed his Stuka dive bombers on the fleeing Iraqi soldiers who could not escape because both sides of the highway were mined...

You're right. It's hard to understand what the author is saying because it is a poorly written piece. The author doesn't know anything about real journalism.

It's like how the the two guys who carried out Columbine - One was Jewish and the other had dated a Jew: While the media reported that they shot rounds chanting: "Kill the Niggers, kill the Spics," Columbine is a school that's about 110% white. And a gay guy like Mathew Shepard, who had been gang raped by Muslims, did become a media sensation after being beaten to death by his drug dealers. For being gay. Maybe.

Understand white kids is racist and homophobe and when you flood America with people from the 3rd World vibrancy begins to happen and it allows you to be gay. I think the author was trying to say watch some more TV: Seinfeld, Schindler's List, Beverly Hills 90210, Frasier, Melrose Place, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and then listen to some rap to look heterosexual. What people thought in 1990 is completely different from what they think today.