It's Just A Coincidence White People Will Be A Minority In 20 Years

Everything in the past happened by coincidence and nobody knew what the hell was going on.

In the late 1980s as communism fell in Europe the Canadian government started to let in 100s of thousands of immigrants (coincidence). Then in 1990 rap music went mainstream as MC Hammer, In Living Color, Arsenio Hall, Public Enemy and much more were popularized by different studios (Coincidence).

Amid AIDS homophobia blacks were very heterosexual.

Then high school began to focus more and more on Hitler/Holocaust: People thought that they were ending racism by agreeing that the Holocaust was bad. And suddenly, by COINCIDENCE, after all of the homophobia AIDS had created there were a lot of openly gay characters on TV with no discussion of homophobia.

What kind of bullying did all of this create? LGBT meetings are a recent phenomena. The kids in those meetings have no idea what went on at their schools over the past 30 years.

I can assure you you didn't want to be a fat black guy going to school with Asians when Hollywood turned up the volume on rap. And boys with freckles make friends with minorities at an astonishing rate - A fact that's been completely suppressed. You didn't want to be a good-looking boy who had freckles and black friends before entering high school. People took apart those who had morally upstaged them.

I live in Canada and my blog's about educators working with Hollywood to murder kids for societal change:

This kind of societal change...