I Get Hate Mail

Somebody had this to say about my blog...

(The post in question: http://www.hockey-sweater.com/2016/03/how-school-boards-extended-childhood.html)

This is one the shittiest blog posts ever made. It literally skips from AIDS to hitler to Luke sky walker being a gay role model.

What The Fuck? 


It is a shitty blog post. I'm making the whole thing up.

The fact of the matter is that if I said: "With all of the homophobia created by AIDS and what they taught in school white kids believed that they all got treated the same and many of them realized that they were anti-racist or pro LGBT because they were moral, I'm probably just making that up."

Mathew Shepard was gang raped by Muslims and killed by his drug dealers. The kids who did Columbine? One was a Jew and the other had dated a Jew. While the media said they shot rounds chanting, "Kill the niggers, kill the spics," Columbine is a school that's about 110% white.

The reason that I don't make much sense is because people are so great they watched Seinfeld and Schindler's List and, while the country was being flooded with immigrants from the 3rd World, they learned how to be gay positive. That's how great people are ...When you watch TV.