Wikipedia Is Denying The Holocaust Again!

1 million gassed with Zyklon-B...
When I was in high school in the 1990s it was very important for us to sit in easy classes and educate ourselves as to how the Germans gassed 9 million and the German public knew what was going on and did nothing to stop it. It was instrumental in turning South Asians and secular Arabs who were born in Canada white.

My school did all sorts of things: They kept 95% of the blacks in remedial and they let guys stay in school for 7 years as they allowed the boys to have a second childhood so that they could learn to be gay positive. They also had two retired history teachers who were in their 80s come back so we could unlearn racism from guys who were young in the 1830s. All of this happened in the wake of all of the homophobia AIDS had created.

As the internet remains transfixed on whether they can go back in time to kill baby Hitler or whether he had a penis, here's an article about Mao killing 45 million. I bet you were never taught anything about him in high school. It's because he's Asian and one of the reasons Asians do so well in school is because people aren't overly repulsed and attracted to them. It's also like how nobody bothered to go to China and distribute gay literature when the Olympics was in Beijing.

So people just don't care about Mao who killed more than the millions that died of typhus in the hellfire that the warmonger Winston Churchill rained down upon Germany after declaring war on Hitler when Hitler tried to reunite all of the German-speaking people in Europe after the injustices of the Versailles Treaty. (That was about the time Churchill drove Hitler completely insane).

And besides there's little blond hair in Asia and East Indians and Arabs don't want to move there so Mao just doesn't matter.

How much teen suicide did Adolph Hitler cause in the 1980s/90s/2000s when the school boards Hitler/Holocausted POC and teen LGBT together?