Redhead Race-Mixing

"Yellow supremacy doesn't exist, because I haven't heard it on TV. Only white supremacy exists."

Me: Racism won't end for some people until they're married to a blonde, have blond kids, and live in the blond part of town. We'll be a race of redheaded, green-eyed, bisexual brown guys in no time!

"Brown hair, not red hair."

Me: If everybody mixes and we keep mixing the first thing that'll disappear is blue eyes. Then blond hair. There'll be more people with green/grey eyes. Malcolm X had reddish hair. I'm a redhead myself. After society went on and on about Nazis/Holocaust, some people have done studies showing that red hair will disappear because of things like global warming:

While they do those studies white people will be minorities in Ontario within the next 20yrs.

"Red hair is a recessive gene. It'll become incredibly uncommon."

Me: It is a recessive gene. Just like blond hair or blue eyes. But red hair is also caused by pleiotropy. Many Ashkenazi Jews had red hair. You'll find redheads in places like Algeria and Lebanon. 300 years from now the beautiful pretty boy in high school will be a fat bisexual guy with brown skin, green-eyes and and afro of red hair. Red hair will outlive blond.