How Seinfeld Brainwashed America

Before there was an internet people watched sitcoms.

The sitcom was an effective medium for changing people's perception of things.

It was the secret hobby of 12-year-old boys to masturbate and watch sitcoms. During the sexual repression that AIDS created few would admit that they masturbate.

I myself have never masturbated. I'm an android built on the secret Nazi base in Antarctica sent here to drive Warren Kinsella crazy.

When I was a kid in the 1980s a popular TV show was, 'Cheers.' With my photographic memory I will now recount an episode of Cheers exactly as it happened...

SAM is behind the bar talking to DIANE. CLIFF and NORM sit on their stools slowly drinking beer.

Sam: I don't know, Diane. I don't want no fags coming around here.

Diane: You don't even know any homosexuals.

Sam: What about your friend, Rick Mercer? I can tell he's a fag because of the way that he walks. Anyway if fags start showing up here I'm going to lose my regulars. Then I'm going to lose my bar.

Diane: You're being ridiculous. What if I told you that there are two gay men in this bar right now and you can't even tell who they are.

Now Sam pulls a SHOTGUN out from behind the bar and points it at Norm and Cliff.

Norm: (scared) Wo, wo: Sammy. Remember I'm married.

Sam: How come we never see Vera?

Diane grabs the gun and puts it away.


This episode of, 'Cheers,' dealt with homophobia. Then 1990 came around and...

'Schindler's List,' 'Philadelphia,' and, 'Pulp Fiction,' were in theaters at the same time.

People stopped having kids when the TV show, 'Mary Tyler Moore,' was on.

The homophobia AIDS created changed everyone's thinking and messed with children's developmental psychology.

After the fall of communism, the Canadian government started letting in hundreds of thousands of immigrants a year and the Hitler/Holocausting of students began. In 1989/90 America turned up the volume on black culture. After all of the homophobia created by AIDs boys sat in class preventing the Holocaust from happening again and became more moral than people who had morally upstaged them in the past; some dressed up like white gangsta rappers or put on gold chains and CK shirts and tore apart skinny boys with dark hair and freckles. Thus the LGBT movement was on its way as average looking boys sucked in their chest and realized that since they fit in they wouldn't gas 9 million and turn their bodies into lampshades.

People were so brainwashed that they thought Steven Spielberg was a good filmmaker. People were so brainwashed that nobody even knew that the war criminal Winston Churchill was a fat, ugly ginger freak and that many of the millions of German Jews that died of typhus because of his Allied saturation bombing were also ginger. Maybe Churchill killed all of those people because he had way too much to compensate for?

In 1989 it was the secret policy of the Waterloo County School Board that boys with dark complexions would have a second childhood, learning to be gay positive later in life by working all of their aggression off of better looking boys who had freckles or the better looking boy who had red hair.

The school boards used the term, 'Boosting,' and all of this occurred at schools with larger Asian populations.

Asians do so well at school because people aren't overly attracted to or repulsed by them.

Educators are famous for pointing out that white kids benefit from sitting in class with high achieving Asians when the teachers who taught at my school sent their kids to the whitest high schools around.

As good-looking boys with freckles killed themselves, became crack heads, or went crazy many teachers would point out that the media doesn't report on teen suicide as not to encourage copycats. Now, within the past four years, they've began to report on gay teens killing themselves. Today gay kids in school think that they have LGBT meetings to prevent teen suicide!

Now let's take a look at what the type of students who were getting boosted looked like...

At the time of the Columbine Shooting the media made them out to be Neo Nazis. It turns out that one was Jewish and the other had had a Jewish girlfriend.

In the 1990s there was a concerted effort by the Waterloo County School Board to keep the vast majority of blacks in general (remedial). Here's another pic of the type of guy who got boosted...

Jian Ghomeshi fit in too well and was too good-looking to be gay positive. The only way a guy in high school in the 1980s/1990s with all of the homophobia created by AIDS would have been gay positive is if he was gay himself or if he ran the risk of being labelled gay.

Everything about childhood developmental psychology was suppressed in the 1980s/90s. Northern Europeans have stronger developmental psychology because they all look different and antagonize each other when they are in grade 3 and then become more mature afterwards. Hitler/Holocaust was about creating a second childhood in high school.

Getting freckles in grade 3 is worse than having bad acne when you're a teen. Kids with freckles don't want to be friends with each other at first so they make friends with non-whites.

If Jian grew up in Iran girls would make fun of his big nose in grade 3 but here in Canada the Holocaust did a lot of good things for guys like him. 

AIDS was very important to make Hitler/Holocaust work as all of the homophobia it created meant that boys were repulsed by each other at a far greater rate.