@HickoryWayne Proving The Logic Of It All

There's just too much to say in a tweet. I can't cover the Hitler/Holocaust 1990s and how terrible Seth Rogen is at the same time.

Society was diversified through projection and transference.

I had a very Eurocentric education. For some reason we didn't learn anything about India or what natives lived like 1000 years ago. Then in the last couple years of high school: Easy classes -many about Holocaust and Holocaust denial.

Mass immigration is a recent phenomena. In the '90s I was going to school with the children of Asian boat people. Almost all of the non-whites were first generation.

I had multiple groups of people going on and on and ranting about me behind my back. I've named some in my blogs.

And I can boast that I've harassed Warren Kinsella on the net! We are now internet BFF.

When I was in high school more than a few teachers would point out (out of the blue) that the media doesn't report on teen suicide because they don't want to encourage copycats. Within the past five years they've started reporting on some LGBT deaths.

I'm sorry that I can't prove the correlation between an increase in sales of ice cream and the murder rate. You must have majored in philosophy!

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

In conclusion I write blogs about how the Hollywood Jews invented AIDS and pushed gayness to change Americans into Mexicans. So that I don't sound like a full on anti-Semite I said, 'Hollywood Jews.'

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