Henry Yu: Ending White Supremacy By Getting Rid Of White People

Henry Yu, professor of history at University of British Columbia, believes that "Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States are settler colonies that were built around white supremacy." He asserted this in a recent article, White Supremacy and the Foreign Investment Debate. White supremacy is "an overt structuring of society that gives privileged access to resources to those who could be considered white."

Elsewhere he has insisted that one of the "unresolved legacies of colonialism and white supremacy in British Columbia", are the "policies designed to erase non-English language use among children" in Canada. Mandarin, and other Asian languages should become official languages.

He believes the recent debate over Chinese investment in real estate in Vancouver is yet another example of the prevalence of White supremacism in Canada. Objecting to wealthy investors from mainland China is nothing less than "racial scapegoating". What about the affordability crisis brought on by Chinese buyouts of Vancouver homes? The Canadian government should simply provide more public housing for Canadians who can't compete with entrepreneurial Chinese foreigners. They should just learn to build public housing as in Hong Kong.