Dear Professor Henry Yu

Asian boat people arrived in Canada en masse in the late 1970's / early '80s. They came to Canada for opportunity. They also came here because they weren't welcome in South Korea and Japan.

There's little discussion in Canadian schools about what Japan did to its indigenous population. Or what the indigenous Russians now called Natives did to the Dorset when they arrived in Canada via the Bering Straight. It has something to do with the fact that all of those people look the same and few of them had blond hair so nobody really cares. Cultural Marxists be like Tiger Woods who's out to date half the population of Sweden.

It's also like nobody bothered to go to China and hand out gay literature when the Olympics was in Beijing. People just don't pay any attention to Asians. That's probably one of the reasons they do so well in school.

Thank you for being an Asian in Canada interested in overthrowing the white power structure.