Brainwashed 1990s: TV Makes People Crazy

In the 1980s news was about a flu-like virus killing homosexuals. People forget that many were scared to see a dentist or order a pizza. Then 1990 came and this was on TV...

'In Living Color,' was the favorite show of white 14-year-old aspiring gangster rappers.

And after all of the homophobia AIDS had created in 1990 blacks were suddenly very heterosexual as America turned up the volume on black culture. If you went back in time to 1987 and asked teen girls to name a rap song they couldn't do it; by 1992 that changed.

In the early '90s the suicide rate for black teens doubled as black nerds were swiftly alienated.

And, 'Schindler's List,' had nothing to do with ending racism.