Black People Think Adolf Hitler's A Racist!

I've seen black people on Tumblr compare the Holocaust to slavery.

It's because all whitey does is appropriate everything from untermenschen. (I think untermenschen is the German way of saying POC).

Slavery is the thing where more slaves went to Cuba than the US. And much more went to the Middle East where they were castrated.

In 1938 Germany had the highest standard of living in the world. They didn't get that through slavery. And was the way that they achieved that cause Nazis were stupid and crazy?

After Hitler was tricked into fighting a war on two fronts they needed forced labor because they were sort of up against a lot having to fight both America and the USSR.

Why didn't England go to war with Stalin when the Soviets invaded Poland? Was it because Churchill knew Hitler was a racist who was gonna kill all the Jews? History is like an episode of Star Wars.

Now I'm going to apply for a job at The Rebel. I could write a weekly column entitled, 'In Defense of Adolf Hitler.'

Ezra Levant might go for that.