Was AIDS Engineered To Kill Blacks And Gays?

I don't think AIDS was engineered. If you were a kid in the 1980s things from the 1970s made you sick to your stomach. You couldn't drive around in a metallic purple AMC Gremlin while wearing white corduroy bell bottom pants in 1987.

 David Duke says that the Sexual Revolution was no accident.

People in 1987 think that AIDS was spread because people in the 1970s didn't know anything about safe sex. But it was common knowledge with sailors and the Navy that men who are out at sea for long periods of time often sleep with anything that moves and get all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases.

Hollywood turned up the volume on gay culture and all of a sudden a lot of guys who wouldn't have been engaging in gay sex were. And with anal sex there's an exchange of blood and a perfect way for an epidemic to happen.