Schindler's List: How The School Boards Messed With Developmental Psychology To Turn White Kids Gay And Boost Minorities Into University

In the 1980s Kitchener suffered from a lot of urban decay like a lot of other cities in North America.

Mass immigration to Canada is a recent phenomena. After the fall of the Soviet Union the government started letting in hundreds of thousands of immigrants.

I have red hair. Getting freckles in grade 2 is worse than having bad acne in high school. Kids with freckles don't even want to be friends with other kids who have freckles at first so they often make friends with minorities.

When I was 8 we had class trips to the theater to see, 'E.T.,' and, 'Return of the Jedi.' I thought ET was disgusting and Star Wars was too hard to follow for an 8-year-old.

E.T. is a movie about an ugly, disgusting foreigner who can't speak any English and a boy who helps him phone home. Return of the Jedi is about a gay guy and his two gay robots. Being in love with your sister has pretty bad connotations for 8-year-olds.

Boys who have dark hair and freckles don't get along with girls at all. They'd like to make friends with something like E.T. to scare them.

If you went to school with a lot of Asians in the 1980s you were probably going to a poorer school. Most of the other schools were whiter.

All of the homophobia created by AIDS was important in making this all happen. In the late 1980s/ early 1990s all of the teachers at my high school (Cameron Heights) knew that boys with freckles would get antagonized. People were paying it forward and backwards.

I didn't know who the valedictorian of my high school was until he was in my class in the final term of grade 13. He was a fat guy with green eyes who was covered with boils. Inarticulate, he joined the provincial wing of the Liberal Party because he wanted Ontario to seperate.

Teachers inflated the marks of beautiful women. The majority of blacks were in general. In grades 12 and 13 there was only one black guy in all of my classes. I had many classes where all of the women were white.

Fat guys and the South Asian guys weren't interested in each other. They could sit in classes with pretty women and be oblivious to each other.

Leaving homosexuality aside, all humans are attracted and repulsed by each other. The school board needed to create guys like Jian Ghomeshi to show Canadians mass immigration works. Here's one such guy.

There were South Asian guys at my school openly involved with girls 4 to 5 years younger than them and nobody noticed or cared.

Spielberg's movies caused kids to take a lot of aggression out on unattractive South Asian girls. They played it forward by letting South Asian guys get away with anything.

When I was in high school there was a beautiful half-Turkish girl who liked me. She started liking me in grade 10 but she gave me a bad vibe. After a year of ignoring her I started talking to her. She wouldn't shut-up about me with her friends. By the time that I graduated from high school she had 50 men around her. When I was in grade 11 she went out with a guy who told an entire class including the teacher that he stole her away from me. This guy was near-sighted and had green eyes and brown hair. He also spent a total of seven years in high school.

The school could get away with a lot because it had declining enrolment. Teachers were pissed off at guys coming back for another year and another year of high school after graduating. This was covenient in covering up for all the guys with 85% plus averages who were involved with women younger than themselves.

There two other redheads with the same complexion that I have who graduated from my high school and went to the University of Waterloo. Both wore glasses. One was a scrawny little guy who breathed through his mouth and the other was fat.

Many teachers would point out that the media doesn't report on teen suicide because they don't want to encourage copycats. Within the past five years the media has started reporting on gay suicides.

For some reason at a high school in Ottawa the only kid who was gay had red hair. In the US there was a redhead who threw himself off of a bridge after his brown roommate filmed him having sex with another male.

Skinny, normal looking guys got increasingly conservative as the media and school went on about the Holocaust. If the Reform Party guys hated me any more they would have found the mouth-breathing redhead amusing. And he would have become gay positive by going on and on about me.

Why do some gay teens kill themselves? People are paying it forward. All of the guys who were going on and on about me weren't doing anything wrong so some of them would have liked to meet a gay guy to prove it. The scrawny redheaded guy may have become popular over a short period of time before people suddenly lost interest in him.

I went to the University of Ottawa. In the 90's the U of O was 94% white. It's a bilingual school. The guys there who were loud and proud about being gay were all Anglophones. At the U of O fat, ugly gay guys were infatuated with me. They didn't understand that the reason why is because they came out of the closet going on and on about a good-looking guy with dark hair and freckles. I realize that that sounds stupid. All of the homophobia created by AIDS and the fact that everything about childhood developmental psychology was suppressed hid the fact that people pay it forward and backwards.

AIDS was no accident.