In Defense Of Adolf Hitler

History is written by the victors. Going to school in Canada was like growing up in Soviet Russia in 1953 with all the repetitive Hitler/Holocaust classes.

Prior to the war Hitler wanted to deport all European Jewry to Palestine and Madagascar. He allowed many Jews exit to Palestine with all of their assets.

Hitler invaded the USSR because he had advanced warning that the Soviets planned to takeover Europe. He expected the Brits to come to their senses.

When the Battle of Britain started Hitler ordered the Luftwaffe only to attack civilian targets.

From then on Hitler was driven insane by having been tricked into fighting a war on both fronts.

King Edward Vlll and many in the British aristocracy had been supporters of Hitler in the 1930s. Now he had been abandoned.

I'm not denying that the Holocaust happened. It's a proven fact that Anne Frank died of typhus as a result of allied saturation bombing.  5, 999 999  other Jews were probably gassed. I'm not trivializing the Holocaust because the Waterloo County School Board did that long ago.

A rebuttal from a guy who really defends Hitler...

"Doesn't even come close the adequately defending Hitler.

What about: 1. Over 100 attempts to negotiate peace with the British, all of these negotiations were kept top secret and their details sealed until the 2040s. 2. The reasonable grounds for invading Poland. 3. The fact that Hitler is seen as a war monger when Britain and France each had superior sized militaries to German at the time the war started. 4. That Britain and France started the war by declaring it on Germany, not the other way around. 5. While they are quick to quote Mein Kampf talking about expansion to the East, they completely ignore Hitler saying that peace with Britain was worth scuttling their entire navy and giving up all colonial ambitions. Cherry picking quotes? 6. Britain ruled a quarter of the world's land and people, the USSR another quarter of the world, and the USA half the world's industry... the idea Hitler was after world domination against all this is absurd. He was the underdog from start to finish, always having to fight forces 8 times larger than his own. 7.... I'm getting bored of writing here... have a good day."