Fuck You Harper! I'm Converting To Anti-Semitism

It's because people have been so brainwashed that they thought that Steven Spielberg is a good movie director.

Nobody in the 1990s knew that the war criminal Winston Churchill had red hair or that many of the millions of Jews that died as a result of Allied saturation bombing were also redheads.

I had a beautiful dream last night. I dreamt that I was an SS officer making the cast of, 'Hogan's Heroes,' do real work for a change. But then it turned into a nightmare as huge Lancaster bombers appeared overhead and killed Hogan, Shultz, and the French guy. Their bodies had to be quickly cremated before typhus spread to anybody else.

It's the terror of war after you've been tricked into fighting on both fronts when Hitler never wanted war in the first place. Trying to protect Europe from an imminent invasion from Stalin takes its toll after the Zionists teamed up with that redheaded fuck Churchill.