Kathleen Wynne And The Freckle Holocaust

Brazil became one of the gayest countries in the world the old-fashioned way: Through homosexual hard-work and a lot of gay sex.

But Ontario used the Seinfeld-Holocaust-Hitler method. Like when the media terrified children in the 1980s with story after story of a flu-like virus named Aids that killed people but then suddenly stopped when Seinfeld was on the air and 10% of men were then suddenly gay.

Lots of easy classes about holocaust denial and how the regular German army in WW2 was really the SS with videos made high school easy for guys that looked like Jian Ghomeshi. And I bet in America they had remedial with most of the black kids in it so all the future Ron Paul supporters who had been racist jerks in middle school could learn about Hitler with Asians.

Kids with freckles aren't popular with a lot of people in grade 3. By middle school they could be. With teens played by 30-year-olds on TV there was a freckle holocaust that went unnoticed.

They used to say that teen suicide went unreported to discourage copycats and then they'd say that gay youth had the highest suicide rate.

Ontario's Preston Manning supporters had cuter boys as some looked liked Justin Bieber. And they all knew good-looking blond guys that were Hitler Holocausted into becoming crack heads or the ones who made it to university now work at the mall.

A lot of teen suicide and rape of 14-year-olds helped boost people into high positions and made downtown Toronto safe for liberals to move into as the suburbs fill up with whatever countries they come from now.

Yup, Kathleen Wynne and her Marxist friends took over Ontario in a less democratic way than Hitler took over Germany.