You Know What Would Be Good?

If high school was streamed with the majority of Black kids in General and the Asian kids in Advanced. Then when Grade 11 hit high school could get really easy and be about videos of the Nazis bulldozing dead bodies into ditches. They could come out with all sorts of bird classes like World Issues, Religion, and Political Science and teachers who were racist and homophobic when they, themselves, were teens could get all worked up. And then if all of the pictures were suddenly in black and white in the year books it would make the secular Arabs and South Asians white but the black guys (in General) still black. And then they could get all worked up about how better looking redheads and guys with freckles are Nazis who are jealous of them. When everybody starts paying attention to the best looking redhead in class who's only moderately good-looking by TV commercial standards and they also find themselves infatuated with the best-looking blond guy in Advanced, it'll take the heat off of a lot of people and a lot of 14-year-olds will start getting lucky or raped. Then maybe 12 years later some kid will decide to become openly gay. This works best if high school goes on for 5 years for people in Advanced like it did in Ontario. But it wouldn't work out so well today because 10-year-old boys feared that they were gay in the 1980s because of all the media attention a flu-like virus that was mutating and killing homosexuals was getting. When Seinfeld came on TV they suddenly stopped going on about that.

This public service announcement has been brought to you keeping the Cultural Marxist bitches who run the School Boards in mind. (When I use the word, 'Bitch,' I'm talking about the men. It's a trick I learned from the Asian guy that lived on my street, growing up).