The Next James Bond Will Be An Arab!

I've previously amazed readers about how I can go back into time and remember junior high school. But now I'm going to look into the future.

The next James Bond will be an Arab Commander of the Royal Navy who likes his martinis shaken not stirred.

The reason the Bond of today is blond is to throw people off.

It's the way of Hollywood. Like how Steven Spielberg had bug eating East Indians in Indiana Jones to gross out little girls eventually leading to Jian Ghomeshi being popular while unattractive South Asian girls committed suicide. And then how he came out with, 'Schindler's List', about a German who saves Jews, at a time when high school was all about Hitler holocaust anyway, leading to the deaths of alleged LGBT youth at a time when there was no openly gay teens because of all of the bad press AIDS had received. Or like how they came out with the movie, 'Frozen,' now that kids in America are 50% Hispanic-Asian-Arab, leading many to ask why is a movie set in Scandinavia made up of so may white people?

Watch for Arab James Bond when Daniel Craig retires! He'll speak with a British accent, drive a German car that's built in France, but he'll be Arab.