The Murderers At Your Canadian School Boards

Since 1985, for every Asian computer science major Canadian high schools produce, they must have also produced 15 or 20 white and black crack heads.

In 1994 or in 2007 they'd say that gay youth has the highest suicide rate. They'd also say that the media doesn't report on teen suicide because they don't want to encourage copycats.

Why doesn't the CBC do some investigative reporting and interview paramedics to see if back in an era when white people watched an episode of Seinfeld and the movie, 'Schindler's List,' all in one day whether good-looking and average looking boys with freckles and South Asian girls who were unattractive or couldn't speak English really had the highest suicide rate?

When David Icke lectures on how lizard people control the government that's his way of explaining what goes on in society. It's also his way of calling Richard Warman a stupid bitch.

I'd just like to point out that there are so many Richard Warman's in the world that you can go on the internet and call Richard Warman a stupid bitch and people won't know who you're talking about. Is it you Richard Eduardo Warman of Mexico City? Or you Richard 'Buzz' Warman of Little Rock, Arkansas? No one will ever know.