Justin Trudeau Reaffirms Stance That Harper=Hitler

Taking after past Liberal Prime Ministers like MacKenzie King who didn't like Jews and traveled to Germany to shake hands with Adolf Hitler, and Lester Pearson who wanted to arm Canada with nuclear weapons, Justin Trudeau continues to remain thoroughly incoherent.

Under Harper Canada continues to let in 300 000 immigrants a year to wipe out Northern Europeans for good. But now, with ISIS acting worse than Slavic members of the SS on the Eastern Front in WW2, it's been found that not even Jian Ghomeshi can get away with anything anymore. This reaffirms that Canada was built for Asian computer engineering students and gay men who live in downtown Toronto.

But Justin Trudeau is positioning himself above the crowd, promising to welcome Muslim immigrants like Hitler welcomed them to the ranks of the SS but, while doing so, calling Harper Hitler.