Justin Trudeau Firmly Against Chinese Head Tax Of 1885

Last Tuesday Justin Trudeau gave a monumental speech to McGill Alumni in Toronto.

McGill is one of the best universities in Toronto and it's students are an affluent bunch. Strangely, its main campus is located in Montreal. But after obtaining their degrees McGill students flee Quebec, ending up in TO. There they meet up with the children of American draft dodgers and the descendants of blacks who escaped to Canada on the underground railroad.

Toronto's McGill students are Justin's best bet for a vote. Like him they've been to Quebec and are not always welcome back there.

Championing how he's against racism Trudeau brought up the Chinese head tax and internment camps of WW2.

But where does Justin stand on how, during the Great Depression, Mexico rounded up the Chinese and kicked them out of Mexico? Or how during the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 that struck Japan, the Japanese got revenge by rounding up and killing all of the Koreans?

Even Japanese people who looked Korean were killed to get back at them for an act of nature.

You won't hear too much about those incidents as White Genocide is exacted on Northern Europeans because Hitler, Holocaust, Trudeau, Hitler, Harper.