I've Translated Jake Bilardi's Blog

Australian teen boy blows himself up for ISIS. He blogged as to why he did it. Pouring over all the data, I'll give you this translation.This is my version of what I think he was talking about...

"I learned in school white people are bad. Hitler Holocaust Hitler. Colonialism. South Africa would be better off without farmers.

I'm the youngest kid in a family of six. My parents must be Christians because white people don't breed like that anymore!

I'm a good-looking, average-looking kid. If I had been a redhead... No, I'm not even going to go there. If I had had green eyes and freckles people would have been attracted and repulsed by me at a higher rate. But I'm an average looking kid.

If I had green eyes and freckles there are so few guys in my grade with that complexion that I'd be the best looking one in my classes. Add Asians. Learning about Hitler Holocaust in school some people would have a lot of contempt for me because I'd represent what's genetically wrong with white people. After sitting in class with Asians, many of whom wouldn't care.

A lot of them would make things up about me and go on about me as if they know me personally and then befriend the fat guy with green eyes who's a bully and a total jerk off.

I don't think you want to look like me and have green eyes and freckles and live in a part of the UK before a Muslim rape ring is discovered. Or in America when people would watch an episode of Seinfeld and the movie, 'Schindler's List,' all in one day.

People still think men with dark complexions are attracted to women with dark complexions because humans are drawn to the colour gold!

But I don't have green eyes and freckles. I blew myself up for ISIS because I was secretly in love with the best looking blond guy I knew.

I got away with it because I fit in."

To make sure that Jake Bilardi's parents don't sue me I'd just like to add that Jake Bilardi, from Melbourne, was a stupid bitch. For all of the teens that committed suicide over the past 25 years and were labeled LGBT youth by Cultural Marxists, and for all the kids who really were gay and ended up killing themselves because they'd lose all of the friends they had when they were 12, Jake Bilardi was a vainglorious bitch. He could have been conditioned to gas 9 million people in concentration camps during the Second World War to turn their bodies into bars of soap. He could have also been conditioned to believe that Hitler murdered 9 million people and turned their bodies into lampshades.

Warren Kinsella knows what I'm talking about.

They steal souls because they lost too many
because of Hitler Holocaust Seinfeld
Hitler Lampshades

Also, in the 1990s nobody ever pointed out that that war criminal 
Winston Churchill had red hair and that many of the Jews that he 
killed by typhus through Allied saturation 
bombing were also ginger.