The Marxist Fucktards That Run The Waterloo County Board Of Education...

If you went to a high school that produced a lot of Asian computer science majors than there were very few normal, good-looking males with freckles or with blond hair graduating and going to university.

Before and after the movie Schindler's List came out high school got a lot easier with bird classes. White guys with dark complexions and South Asians who were born in Canada felt confidant and secure sitting in class learning about Hitler Holocaust while in a room full of pretty blond women: By the time that they were in university they flipped out, reverting back in time to those classes when they thought that they were good-looking and moral.

In the 1990s the Waterloo County School Board expected the students who were liberal or gay to be repulsed by the males who were graduating from high school and going to the U of Waterloo. They expected them to move to British Columbia as many were already doing because there was a recession.

With high school being about Holocaust denial and TV about Nazis, it was impossible to criticize the school board and what went on in their secret professional development day meetings.

If Josef Mengele had been a psychiatrist he could have worked for the Waterloo County School Board.

With 'streaming' in effect, the majority of black students were in general. They ended streaming only when the white students were neurotic and some of them were openly gay.

If you were gay in 1995 there's nothing the school board would have done for you. Racist, homophobic students did well for themselves learning about the Holocaust. If you went to high school with a lot of Asians they were busy launching white Reform Party guys into university to repulse the white students from whiter high schools.

As a guy who once sat across a table from Svend Robinson at an NDP Youth meeting, I'd now just like to say that's how a disgusting bitch like Kathleen Wynne got elected.

This was built on teen suicide...

And while Ron Paul was better than Preston Manning all of the males in this picture are attracted to the best looking blond guy they went to high school with...