How Your School Board Caused White Genocide

In 1985 a fat black teen in Kitchener, Ontario, went to one of the two large public schools in the downtown. Not being able to fit in all that well with the cooler, athletic black guys he studied hard and decided that he'd go to university to become an aeronautical engineer. The other black guys ridiculed him and he killed himself.

So the Waterloo County School Board made some changes, riding the popular wave of Nazis...

1989 - As communism in Europe falls apart Canada, under the Mulroney government, starts letting in 100 000s of immigrants. But there are already a lot of minority students for us to work within KW!

1989 - High school year books revert to black and white to make all students look the same. If you're a secular Arab born here you're white now! If you're black you're still black.

1989 - They introduce serious courses like Religion, Political Science, and Canadian Studies which are about how to prevent the holocaust from happening again.

1989 - They start teaching hardcore that the Germans murdered 9 million in concentration camps and made lampshades out of their bodies. For some reason it makes East Indians white and Asians sorta white but blacks even blacker.

1998 - More kids commit suicide.

2008 - Let's wear pink to stop high school bullying!

And after some of the dumber white kids dressed up in gold chains and t-shirts with a big letter X so that they could help end racism and be very heterosexual by pretending they're black, more normal looking boys with freckles killed themselves: The Waterloo County School Board began reaching it's Cultural Marxist aims.

The valedictorian of my high school was green-eyed, obese, and covered in boils. Incoherent, he'd yell at people in class. A member of the Liberal Party, he only joined the provincial wing because he wanted the province to separate from Canada. I think it had something to do with how the valedictorian of a school in Sherbrooke would have been normal.

To get that black kid into university white kids had to commit suicide eventually leading to dress up in pink days and LGBT meetings 15 years later.

And black kids still have the highest drop out rate.