Australian Boy Gets Blown Up For God Of ISIS

An Australian boy has gotten tired of collecting stickers and playing with his Rubik's Cube so he went and joined ISIS and blowed himself up on a suicide mission.

Here's an excerpt from his blog...

"Being the youngest in a family of six, I was always treated as a student by my older siblings, all of whom were studying a variety of different topics. So from a young age I was being used as a study tool by my siblings, being taught Psychology, Biology and History among other subjects. I should be rivaling Albert Einstein if all the information had settled neatly in my memory, but most of it left as soon as it entered. It was my eldest brother’s deep interest in international politics though that grabbed my attention the most and while I may have fallen asleep during some of the ‘classes’, I can still to this day remember many of the things he taught me. In fact the first time I ever heard the words ‘al-Qaeda’ and ‘Usama bin Laden’, they came from his mouth, but as I know he is unhappy with me being here, I can confirm for his sake that, no, he did not ‘radicalise’ me."

Jake Bilardi proves that if you're an average-looking teen from Australia you can become some sort of celebrity by joining a gang of murderous Arabic homophobic racists. It's what university professors call, 'White Privilege.'