Prime Minister Material! Andrew Scheer Distances Himself From Ranting Racist

White people doing racism has gotten so bad in Canadian society that a feminist was a racist for a day to make sure that Justin Trudeau gets re-elected.

My first thought upon seeing the video is that you've done it now, Heather Mallick! The Toronto Star is going to fire you when they see this latest publicity stunt.

But then it turned out that there's a woman in TO even crazier than Mallick because, while the racist ranter bears a remarkable resemblance, as more news poured in it became apparent that she is not her.

But this reminds me of the the feeling I got the last time I read one of Mallick's articles...  

See? Isn't that comparable to THIS?

Anyway, proving that he's up to the job of PM, the quick thinking leader of the Conservative Party, Tim Scheer, went on Twitter and stated...

And this is just the sort of publicity Arnold Scheer needs!

It could be said that many Canadians just don't know who he is. I, myself, was going to vote for the person who isn't Trudeau on election day but, there's more than one name on the ballot!

Now people are waking up and realizing that Bob Scheer is against crazy liberals yelling obscenities outside City Hall!

Justin Trudeau #2

This Week In Holocaust

Creating the idea that millions were gassed to death in gas chambers just outside Berlin and all the German school children knew that it was happening is more important than ever.

However, even Simon Wiesenthal stated that there was no mass gassings of people within the borders of Germany proper.


The Times of Israel:

Man who denied Holocaust at German concentration camp to face charges.

Suspect, reportedly a supporter of the far-right AfD party, one of several to make remarks denying existence of gas chambers at Sachsenhausen.

To further educate people the Florida Holocaust Museum is offering free teaching trunks for Holocaust education...

From NBC News Channel 8:

The museum provides teaching trunks to educators in the state who need the resources to allow its message of hope to reach even more students.

Executive director Elizabeth Gelman said they have 83 trunks to send to schools.

“They are all grade-appropriate, from kindergarten through 12th grade. And they are for teaching the Holocaust. And they are packed full of books and videos and posters and artifact replicas, and you name it, are packed into each one of these trunks,” she said.

Meanwhile AOC is still being criticized on her outspoken dismay of how Trump is holocausting people at the Southern Border...


Illegal immigrants in detention centers came to the United States illegally. They made the choice to cross our border. They knew the consequences of their actions. They were caught and arrested. They're receiving foods and water. They're not being worked to death and Border Patrol agents aren't working to kill off an entire population of people.

In The 1980s People Thought That New Yorkers Were Ugly And Rude

Leader of SPLC North Bernie Farber's Twitter page

Thanks to people like Farber hundreds of thousands of people immigrate to Canada every year from racist, misogynist shitholes so that we can go on and on about Adolf Hitler and they can help dismantle white supremacy.

Arabs and blacks can't become POC allies with each other in North Africa but, they can here after educators worked with Hollywood to kill this boy...

In the 1980s New York City was very diverse. Kitchener, Ontario was just beginning to experience the vibrancy of 3rd World population replacement.

In 1987 people in Kitchener thought that New Yorkers were ugly and rude.

It was because New Yorkers are ugly and rude.

But then came movies and TV shows about white people living in the big city.

So, by the 1990s, white people laughed and realized New York was cool and sexy.

In Ontario we went for how population replacement from the 3rd World created a high force of feminism and LGBT.

More recently York University, the most diverse university in Ontario, sued the magazine Toronto Life for saying that sexual assault is out of control on its campus.

Also more recently people have been bringing up pedophilia to me. For example, I'd tweet a pro-Trump, Neo Nazi, Alt-Right tweet and a guy would tweet back: "Yeah right, Hockey coach: How many kids did you rape in the 1980s?"

Maybe that's what kids should learn in school: That Ontario, Canada, had a serious pedophile problem in the 1980s which went away because mass immigration.

When the rest of Canada looks like North York kids will finally be safe from rapist hockey coaches!

Who has a problem with pedophilia? Kitchener, Ontario in the 1980s? Or South Africa and India today?

And why is it that after they really started flooding the West with Muslims the #MeToo movement got off the ground? If journalists were doing their jobs why didn't they report on people like Weinstein 10 years ago?

New York City today...

Rosanna Arquette Considers Holocausting Herself

Wikipedia says that Rosanna Arquette is a Jew but her bio doesn't say anything about how America was attacked on 9/11 because of its billion dollar support of Israel.

Salon Says The Alt-Right Started Because People Talking Online About Japanese Anime

While Russian bots won Trump the election, did anyone ever realize that it was the Japanese who were responsible for the rise of the Alt-Right?


In your book, you quote a buddy of mine, David Neiwert, who says that the alt-right began with "people talking online about Japanese anime." I know this to be true, empirically, because I spend way too much time blocking people with anime characters as avatars on Twitter. It still seems kind of preposterous to me, though. How did that happen? How did Japanese anime chat rooms turn into Neo-Nazism?

The article goes on about how the idea that traditionalism is dying is a conspiracy theory and how white men are bad.