Black High School Principal Fired For Holocaust Denial

Russia Insider:

Recent media accounts from Florida detail how low pandering to Israeli and Jewish interests can go. A high school principal identified as Dr. William Latson was removed from his position after he revealed to a parent that he considered the holocaust to be a belief and not a demonstrated fact. According to statement made by the school district, the action was taken “out of an abundance of concern” for students and staff after Latson had “made a grave error in judgment.” It added that “In addition to being offensive, the principal’s statement is not supported by either the School District Administration or the School Board.”

The story took place in the School District of Palm Beach County. Latson, now the ex-principal of Spanish River High School in West Palm Beach, presided over his school in a heavily Jewish district that includes Boca Raton. Latson is currently being considered for reassignment by the school district though there are have also been recurring calls from county and state legislators to fire him, which will undoubtedly occur.

The tale is somewhat convoluted and there are some disagreements about what actually took place, but it goes basically like this: roughly one year ago a high school parent, unidentified but presumably Jewish, emailed Latson asking him to confirm that holocaust education was a top priority in Spanish River H.S. He responded by email that the school has a “variety of activities” for holocaust education but “Not everyone believes the Holocaust happened. And you have your thoughts, but we are a public school and not all of our parents have the same beliefs.” He added that an educator has “the role to be politically neutral but support all groups in the school… I can’t say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event because I am not in a position to do so as a school district employee.”

Russian Bots Declare War On The Liberal Party Of Canada!

Back before Justin became Liberal leader, that party was trying to get people interested in it. So they gave free defacto memberships to get more to vote for a new Pierre of the party. I signed up with the intent to vote for an anti-Justin. But it became too clear that he'd already won because he had the hair and the right last name but, it was mostly the hair.

I found out today I'm still on the Liberal's mailing list...

They sent an email asking for a donation because the Conservatives are planning to steal the election from them using millions of bots just like in, 'The Matrix.'

Keanu Reeve's is still way better.

Here's what I got...

A National Observer analysis of one Twitter hashtag opposing Justin Trudeau found that it “was actually driven by accounts tweeting at non-human rates, including about two dozen accounts created in the past 48 hours.”

Furthermore, the Observer's analysis of more than 30,000 tweets found “numerous indicators of inauthentic activity.”

It’s clear that positive politics isn’t part of their programming, David.

We’ve always known that we’d see these kinds of tactics as we approach the campaign, and our opponents will stop at nothing to roll back our progress. That’s why we always need to be ready to respond – with the hope and hard work of dedicated Liberal campaigns across Canada.
Canadians will face a clear choice in this election. While Conservatives are focused on cutting vital services that families rely on and going back to the same failed policies of the Harper decade, Liberals are focused on our positive plan to continue investing in the middle class.
There’s so much more to do for Canadians – but we need your support to keep moving forward.

Note: The pictures of the guy about to shoot himself in the head weren't in the actual email. I added them, myself.

Bernie Farber To Expose Neo Nazis!

After getting a grant from the Southern Poverty Law Center to start his own version of the organization in Canada, Bernie Farber has made enemies with Travis Patron, leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party.

You have to be brainwashed into the vibrancy of 3rd World population replacement.

The Holocaust and fighting Nazis was important in extending childhood developmental psychology to create the idea that when you flood Ontario with the 3rd World a force of LGBT and feminism is created.

After AIDS killed 30 million it's homophobia was downloaded onto the skinnier boys who had made friends with minorities first in elementary school.

There was no boy at your high school with an A-average who was best friends with a black kid in grade 3 who looked like this...

Synagogue shooter John Earnest.

It wasn't an accident that, after all of the homophobia AIDS created in the 1980s, rap music went mainstream in 1990.

The teachers teaching at my high school sent their own kids to the whitest schools as the students heading to university watched black people on TV and sat in class with Asians and South Asians.

There wasn't anybody who was openly gay at my school and everyone was interested in what white guy was gay.

Boys are openly attracted to each other in elementary school. Normal looking guys didn't see fat guys or male minorities as being gay as they had already been attracted to them in grades 1 to 6.

Teenaged boys wanted other boys to envy them.

Today people who were in school in the 1990s think that they had been gay positive when they were 14.

Now, with the help of Bernie Farber, we can further go on and on about Nazis some more as the population continues to be replaced.

Link to STORY

Anti-White? Reddit Awards r/FragileWhiteRedditor Subreddit Of The Day

Here are examples of what can be found on r/FragileWhiteRedditor...

Fragile cumskin compares r/Fragilewhiteredditors to r/fragilejewishredditors

I've been part of this sub for 5 minutes and if anything happens to it I'll shoot everyone here, then myself

(note: I was recently banned from Reddit for posting violent content for joking that some Alberta politicians or journalists should be deported by getting them all liquored up and then stripping them naked, and then dropping them off in Iran in the middle of the night).

Galaxy brain Redditor wants to talk about "yellow privilege"

That's like how in 1990 Asian male teens thought that black people were a joke and we went on and on about the Holocaust to unlearn racism and POC allies was born when differing minorities got together to figure out which white guy was gay.

White TERF's being antisemitic

I did not see any Jew hatred in that post?

Another mayo circle jerk

Anyway, I'm sure at this point Jordan Peterson is sailing up the Congo River looking to assassinate either Ricardo Duchesne or Bernie Farber.

With those three guys out of the way I plan to swoop in and become Hitler of Canada.

Once I become Hitler of Canada I will deal with Reddit admins in the most severe way. They will be liquored up, stripped naked, and dropped off in Iran in the middle of the night...

Muslims Continue To Have A Hard Time Becoming POC Allies With LGBT

It used to be that educators were going for how when you flood the West with people from countries with human rights records far worse than Canada, Sweden, or Germany vibrancy happens and a special force of LGBT and feminism is created.

But now this...