Pay It Forward

Another Hollywood brainwashing movie: This one directed at the college-aged Ron Paul supporters. As we unlearned racism by Holocaust women had a lot of respect for men that looked like

because all of his friends were white when
they were in elementary school.

In grade 3 a girl

is attracted to this boy

so she takes it all out on this boy

which is soon forgotten because everyone thinks that they're popular in grade 3.

In the 1990s rap music went mainstream and dance music was played at school dances. And after having been a homophobe and a racist all that you had to do to be moral was not be Hitler.

Teens reverted back into childhood.

The boys that had gone to school with Asians were marginalized and had little interaction with the best looking blond boy in class.

After being attracted to him they took it all out on this boy

And nobody could ever do anything wrong.

People paid it forward and backward.

After everyone was brainwashed in 1990 we have to continue to pay it forward and encourage the Hollywood Jews to move to Iran.

Also all of the OSSTF teachers who sent their own kids to the whitest schools.

There's a lot of racism in Iran. And homophobia.

Seth Rogen Could Help Turn Iran Gay

As we flood the West with the 3rd World to get rid of blond hair forever, the option of mass deportation should be on the table:

-Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada will be sent back to Cuba.

-Obama and all other openly gay presidents (Clinton, Carter) will be sent to Saudi Arabia.

-Seth Rogen and Lena Dunham will be liquored up and dropped off nude in the middle of Tehran.

We'll be throwing the Middle East some vibrancy and diversity back at them.

Seth Rogen has the power to turn Iran gay.

And LGBT will be ignited in Iran when Seth Rogen gets raped.

Two weeks after his first mass raping Iranian guys will be thinking to themselves: "I didn't rape him. I'm not a gay."

And as Seth Rogen continues to be raped the men who had raped him the previous week will say: "I didn't do that! I bet Ashkan raped him. Wasn't Ashkan wearing a pink shirt last week? I bet he's a gay."

And as Seth Rogen continues to be raped there'll be a number of suicides as people blame each other for raping him the week before.

And as Seth Rogen continues to be raped somebody photogenic will kill themselves and Heather Mallick will write a story about it in the Toronto Star.

And as Seth Rogen continues to be raped the men who had raped him the previous week will continue to deny ever having raped him but begin to feel sorry for the gay who had killed himself.

And as Seth Rogen continues to be raped the Ayatollah, under pressure from Mallick and after suffering one of Rick Mercer's scathing rants, will allow the first gay pride parade.

And as Seth Rogen continues to be raped Justin Trudeau will suddenly appear in downtown Tehran waving a pride flag. Finally, they'll stop raping Seth Rogen to rape Trudeau and the whole process will go on that way until everyone in Iran is gay. 

I'm Basically Calling Kanye West A Fag In This Blog Post

I went into a McDonald's the other day.

There was an 18-year-old acting vain.

He looked like a cross between Justin Bieber and Randy Stair...

He wasn't ugly and he wasn't very-good-looking.

When he got in line he started doing a dance. He bounced from one foot to another and began to sway his body back and forth.

I have red hair.And also peripheral vision. When he swayed he saw red hair out of the side of his eye. For a moment he looked at me bright eyed.

If I was looking in his direction he'd know that I was gay for him.

For a teen to act that vain it would either entail that a lot of the other kids at his school are attracted to him or that nobody pays any attention to him and he just gets off by fitting in.

Unlearning racism by Holocaust with people who's parents come from racist 3rd World shitholes had nothing to do with preventing the rise of new Hitler gassing all of the Jews to death. It was the extension of childhood developmental psychology.

To turn society gay teens reverted back into childhood and the lampshades and how Seth Rogen's parents were turned into soap while 6 or 10 million were gassed in downtown Berlin and all of the German school children saw it happening and didn't do anything to prevent Stalin from killing more in peace time, was really about teaching girls that boys that look like Matt Lauer, Charlie Sheen, or the Columbine shooters hung around with heterosexual blacks in grade 3.

After girls were disgusted with brown skin and boys with freckles by the time they were teenagers they wanted to prevent the way Anne Frank was gassed.

While homophobia might be a problem when everyone's a homophobe because of AIDS, if you have contempt for somebody because you think that they're a loser you're not doing anything wrong.

Going to school with Asians changed the way normal looking boys socialized with each other.

By the time they were 12 they'd rather hang around with...

then a good-looking blond guy or an Asian. They then went to high school and sucked in their chest and realized that the better-looking redhead envied them.

People in the 1990s thought that the population was getting better looking.

When I graduated from high school I didn't go to the local university. The valedictorian of my high school was a fat guy who was covered with boils and there were two redheads who went there: A fat one and a scrawny little one who breathed through his mouth.

Rap music went mainstream in the 90s and they kept most of the blacks in remedial. Normal looking white guys sat in advanced with South Asians who felt genetically related to them and everyone was more interested in what white guy was gay.

AIDS probably wasn't an accident because boys are openly attracted to each other in elementary school. Normal looking guys didn't view the guys who had already been attracted to them as being gay.

Like the CBC's Shaun Majumder.

Who nobody would have also viewed as gay because all of the girls hated him in grade 3.

100 years from now an Asian girl is going to go to school and be attracted to a boy who looks like this...

and then be disgusted with this guy...

And then all of that would be forgotten by high school.

And as for dancing Justin Bieber/Randy Stair McDonald's boy I'd have to be harassed by 20 or 30 Dr. Haider Saeeds before I start checking him out.

If he goes to university demographics will change around him and he may flip out and realize that nobody was infatuated with him in high school and then he'll start engaging in anal sex with Rick Mercer and Anderson Cooper at the bus station.

Dear Warren Kinsella


Today in downtown Toronto there's a fat gay guy and a Muslim who live next door to each other and they get along.

It wouldn't happen in Saudi Arabia, or in India, or in Japan.

That's how great Canadians are. At being brainwashed.

As we unlearned racism by Holocaust people rode a high.

Holocaust was important in teaching guys that this boy loved them...

when they were in grade 3 when, really, the best looking person who had tolerated them in elementary school shot himself infront of his grade 10 English class.

Also, if you see Andrew Phung doing an illegal u-turn could you give him the finger and yell: "If you can't drive properly go back to your own country."

Britain: Anti-Trump Protests Lack Diversity And Inclusion

President Trump has taken his plan of putting Mexican children in cages to Britain.

He was met by a very angry UK populace...

What the fuck, Britain?

I know that I promised Warren Kinsella that after I get elected Hitler of Canada I would do things differently from the real Hitler.

But right now I'm considering a scheme where I release the Mexican children from their cages and give them jobs in a revamped underground salt mine to build V-2 rockets to rain fire and brimstone upon London.

After all, I heard that as most of the white people in England were busy protesting Trump, Sadiq Khan was running around knifing people.