Trudeau's Campaign Bus Makes A Wrong Turn - Ends Up In Alberta!

Cultural Appropriation

Cultural Appropriation

Cultural Appropriation

From the Toronto Sun:

Trudeau touches down in Edmonton for a shorter time than a race car driver takes to make a pit stop. He is on his way to a much better fishing hole.


Trudeau serves the warmed-up leftovers from more important campaign engagements.

We should get Bernie Farber or Talya Davidson to show up at a Trudeau rally with a protest sign which reads: "Cultural Appropriation is Cultural Genocide."

Bernie Farber's Red Revolution Against Justin Trudeau

Bernie Farber got money from the Southern Poverty Law Center... start his own gang: 'Anti-Hate Canada.'

Here's their webpage...

The banner photo is actually a red-out pic of people protesting Justin Trudeau!