The Debate Of The Century: Jordan Peterson vs. The Guy Who Writes The Ugly Hockey Sweater Blog

In April Jordan Peterson met Borat in what was to be the debate of the century.

But what happened is it turned out that people began to understand that Peterson uses big words but has no idea what he's talking about.

I watched the debate in its entirety. The low point was when Borat told Peterson that he was really an alien and would like to rip his head off and feast on his brains. At that point Peterson countered by saying...

Which didn't make a lot of sense.

My favourite part was when Borat dressed up like Spock and Peterson dressed up like Captain Kirk and they really went at each other...

But now I, the guy who writes, 'The Ugly Hockey Sweater' blog, challenges Jordan Peterson to a debate.

But I don't have to because I already know what the outcome will be...

"My name is Geoffrey Twilliger Barnsworth the 3rd and I'll
be moderating today's debate between Professor
Peterson and the guy who writes, 'The
'Ugly Hockey Sweater' blog."

"I'm the guy who writes 'The Ugly Hockey Seater' blog. Please
excuse my attire. I said way too many things about the
Jews in my blog so I got drunk and converted
to Islam before the Human Rights
Commission could
catch up to

"What the hell is this place? Where am I?"

"Ah, Professor Peterson: Finally we meet for the debate of
the century and Canadians can decide who they want
to become Hitler of Canada."

"What? I never agreed to this. Hitler of Canada? That's absurd!
When I first appeared on the scene I was called a fascist
and a Marxist. You can't be both. You can't be both!
I think it was Einstein who said that the universe
would implode if you were both."

"I always wanted to ask you: How do you get away with being
both a fascist and a Marxist all at the same time?"

"No. No. No. No. No. No!"

"And it looks like the guy who writes 'The Ugly
Hockey Sweater' blog has won the
first round of debate."

"This is absurd! And what's this about electing a Hitler
of Canada? I never signed on to anything like that."

"Once you began to criticize leftism in the educational system
you signed on to the building of a Reich which will last 1000
years. If you voted for Stephen Harper you were
Hitler, Trump is Hitler: It's all about
the Hitler."

"It's not all about Hitler. It's about cleaning your room. 
Solzhenitsyn kept a tidy room. If you have a messy 
room you're mind won't be focused enough to 
understand me when I say that you can't 
be proud of your ancestors
achievements and I think 
Islam is incompatible 
with the West.

"I sleep in a van in a Wal-Mart parking lot. I have to stay
one step ahead of the Human Rights Commission.
America was attacked on 9/11 for its
billion dollar support of Israel.
It's Spielberg who's 
with the

"And there you have it. The guy who writes, 
'The Ugly Hockey Sweater' blog has
come out of nowhere to beat
Jordan Peterson in
this debate."

Defend Ricardo Duchesne From Rabid Stalinists!

Professor Duchesne: An immigrant to this country

Radical leftist Matthew Sears

A few years ago some professors at the University of New Brunswick complained that they did not like Ricardo Duchesne's political or philosophical views.

Now a Huffington post article has put Duchesne's tenure there back into the spotlight.

Meanwhile Duchesne's mortal enemy, Mathew Sears, gave an interview for Salon recently which dealt with how the election of Trump has led to anti-intellectualism where academics speaking out against Hitler are intimidated with threats and violence.

The Neo Nazi White Nationalists Are Trying To Blame The Holocaust On The Palestinians!

I just saw an article entitled, 'Blaming Palestinians for the Holocaust is what White Nationalists want.'

TRT World is actually based out of the pro-Jew, anti-racist country of Turkey

I will summarize it for you...

Using these pictures...

And also a Benny Hill video...

Why Do So Many Of The Shooters Look Like Wil Wheaton?


This is just disturbing...

These pictures prove that Wil Wheaton is a ticking time bomb.

Pretty soon Canadians will go to the polls and elect a Hitler of Canada. There's little doubt that if Jordan Peterson is elected he'd holocaust all of the people who use, 'ze' and 'hir' instead of  'he' and 'her.'

And Elizabeth May is far too antisemitic to become Hitler.

Only I have the resolve to deal with people like Wil Wheaton. He will be resettled in the East. Yes, resettled. In the East.

Muslims Realize That Hitler Was A Racist

After girls were disgusted with boys who did't fit in in elementary school and everyone forgot that that happened, exaggerating and making stuff up about Hitler is more important than ever as the West replaces its population with people from racist, mysoginist shitholes.

Pretty girls with A-averages would see a boy who looked like this

As being a racist because they were disgusted with who made friends with minorities first. But it would be hard for you to convince them that he's gay because girls hated him in grade 3 and they see the boys that they had hated as being heterosexual.

They hated this guy even more in grade 3...

Here's a video of the recent Synagogue shooter playing the piano...

When I was in high school in the 1990s they did something which is called Tracking or Sreaming: There was Advanced and General. They kept most of the blacks in general and nobody even noticed that.

White guys in Advanced sat in class with Asians and South Asians and, after growing up watching TV, thought that they had been sitting in class with cool blacks a year after they had graduated.

After South Asian guys were tormented by girls in grade 3 they could suffer the Holocaust in one of the many bird classes and feel genetically related to somebody who looked like John Earnest while the guy who looked like Earnest, himself, would be more interested in what white guy was gay.

And now the President of the Pakistani Youth Council, who has to live with the fact that he would have been holocausted had Hitler won the war, was come to the realization that he hates Jews more than Hitler...

It's been revealed Kamran Ishtiaq, president of the British Pakistani Youth Council, who in 2007 hosted David Cameron on a visit to Birmingham, once said he'd "salute" Adolf Hitler if he killed more Jews than Muslims in a 2014 Facebook post.