60 Minutes Says Hungary = Hitler

6 Million???

A few years ago I did what Ezra Levant couldn't do.

I harassed Warren Kinsella on the internet without getting sued.

One of the things that I said is that when I was in high school we went on and on about the Holocaust for the last 2 or 3 years of it.

It was to unlearn racism.

But we didn't even read the diary of Anne Frank.

I was in high school when, 'Seinfeld,' was a new show and, 'Schindler's List,' was in theaters.

The reason we never read Anne Frank is because she and her sister died of typhus as a result of Allied saturation bombing.

Educators were creating the idea that Germany systematically gassed to death 9 million people.

Anything else was Holocaust denial...

Anti-Hate Canada Comes To The Support Of Turkish Army's Border Busting Of Greece Because Nazi

Anti-Hate Canada:

The March 8th event at Queen's Park was organized by the Toronto chapter of the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association. It was billed as a rally to pressure the Canadian government to condemn Turkey for what they say is a coordinated effort to pressure “Greece’s eastern land and sea borders with the purposeful round up and transport of thousands of people seeking entry into Greece and, ultimately, the rest of Europe under the guise of being refugees, migrants and asylum seekers.”

In a Facebook post, Paul Fromm says “White Christian Europe is being destroyed.”

*Paul Fromm is a Nazi and Nazis are the ones responsible for systematically gassing 9 million people (6 million Jews and 3 million of their #POC allies) to death during the Second World War.


America's Greatest Ally