War: America's Unprovoked Attack On Denmark

President Trump is still agitated about the time he got laughed at for trying to buy Greenland.

But I didn't expect to see tensions escalate to the point where he'd attack Denmark.

In 2017 he ordered that the, 'Mother Of All Bombs,' be dropped on ISIS caves in Afghanistan.

Now he's inflicted a fate onto the Danish people equally as bad.

Recently a US plane disguised as a commercial jet entered Danish airspace and delivered its payload of AOC and other politicians, sent to help fight climate change.

This has left military analysts bewildered. After Sweden unleashed Greta Thunberg onto Britain and then North America, why didn't Trump attack Stockholm with AOC, instead?

From Right Wing Folks:

Mayors Of 50 Cities — And Ocasio-Cortez — Fly To Denmark To Battle Climate Change.

Bernie Farber's Anti-Hate Canada Calls The Nationalist Party's Ray Coelho A Nazi

Ray Coelho is running for the Nationalist Party
in Lac-Saint-Louis

After girls were disgusted with boys in elementary school and everyone forgot that that had happened, going on and on about Nazis was important in extending childhood developmental psychology to create the idea that when you flood Canada from the most racist, mysoginist countries vibrancy happens and a strong force of LGBT and feminism is created.

As teachers in the know sent their kids to the whitest schools, guys in Advanced at my high school sat in class with Asians and South Asians and watched Will Smith on TV.

Normal-looking white guys became increasingly conservative and, with Seinfeld on TV, didn't see fat guys or male minorities as being gay because fat guys and male minorities had already been attracted to them in elementary school.

Anti-Hate Canada exposes a political party few people have heard of so that we can continue the crackdown on Nazis as the population is replaced with the 3rd World:

Coelho is a person of colour (and is being tokenized by the CNP) who seems to share in the party's antisemitism. Coelho says Christopher Bollyn, a holocaust denier who blames 9/11 on Jews and has appeared on former KKK leader David Duke’s radio show, is one of the few “journalists” he trusts. In an interview with Bollyn, Coelho says: “the myth about 9/11 is what I call a Zionist myth. It’s a myth that’s been given to us by the leaders of the state of Israel . . .” The video of the interview uses images which say that ISIL was created by Israel to deal with a threat to “Rothschild’s Israel.”

I keep tweeting Donald Trump, asking him to send Seth Rogen to Israel to ask for some of this money back...

as punishment for the time Seth lied about how there's no conspiracy against white people.

Extinction Rebellion: "The Population Explosion In Africa And Mass Immigration Are OK: You're Liberal, Carbon-Taxing Governments Are Killing You With Global Warming."

From Spiked:

Everywhere you turn on an XR protest you’ll hear a plummy accent or see a Hampstead-and-Highgate mum glueing herself to a bus to try to raise the awareness of the braindead commuters therein. One of the key speakers at XR protests has been George Monbiot, educated at Stowe (£36,000 a year) and descended from the Salmon family that owned the vast cake-and-tea empire J Lyons. ‘Let them not eat cake!’, is the cry of these eco-aristos who essentially want to deny the masses the thing that they themselves have long enjoyed – wealth and comfort.

World Population Review:

The boom in Africa's population will be in sub-Sahara, including growth in countries like Tanzania, which is one of the poorest countries on earth. Just 13 years ago, the country's population was 34 million, which has now grown to 45 million but is projected to reach 276 million by 2100, which is close to the current population of the U.S. 

Many consider Africa's population growth a bit frightening, with predictions placing the continent's population at 2.4 billion by 2050. By 2100, more than half of the world's growth is expected to come from Africa, reaching 4.1 billion people by 2100 to claim over 1/3 of the world's population. Most countries will at least triple in population as the region has very high fertility rates and very little family planning in most regions.

Bernie Farber's Anti-Hate Network Labels Gus Stefanis, A Candidate For Election In Scarborough-Guildwood, A, 'Neo Nazi'

Bernie Farber got a grant from the SPLC to start his organization so that he could be a mouthpiece for Antifa.

Did Canada need a SPLC North?

Stefanis and his Nationalist Party have little chance of winning.

The article, entitled, 'Community Alert: Neo Nazi Active In Scarborough...'

...Goes on to post a picture of a man that could pass for Stefanis dressed up as a Nazi near the sidebar...

You can use a search engine to see if Gus Stefanis had any serious links with organized Nazis.. Here I used Google: https://bit.ly/33pHm9N

I recommend voting for all of the candidates Bernie Farber doesn't like because America was attacked on 9/11 because of its billion dollar support of Israel and, because, all of the homophobia AIDS created was downloaded onto the better-looking boys who had made friends with minorities first in elementary school through unlearning racism by Holocaust.