Suspended From Twitter For Threatening To Turn Seth Rogen Into Soap

Recently this happened:

I sent an appeal to Twitter which read:


It seems that I was suspended for a tweet which reads: "How Many Of Seth Rogen's Ancestor's Were Turned Into Soap?" which had a link to this blog post:

I am not calling for or condoning turning anybody into soap.

But if you read the blog post you'll find that the whole idea that Germans turned Jews into soap during WW2 is made up. I even cite the Israeli documentary, 'Soaps.'

I write a blog about how you have to be brainwashed into population replacement and the amount of teen suicide that that caused. You didn't ban Seth Rogen when he lied about how there's no conspiracy against white people:

Again I'm not calling for anybody to be turned into soap.


Sweden Prepares For War

The government of Sweden has been reading my blog.

In a post yesterday I threatened to become Hitler of Canada and invade Sweden and steal all of there blond children and bring them back here and teach them English.

And now in today's news...

The Swedish government has begun sending all 4.8m of the country’s households a public information leaflet telling the population, for the first time in more than half a century, what to do in the event of a war.

Rapist Priests Given The Boot Cuz Mass Immigration?

Once I wrote a blog post entitled, 'You thought that 500 people were gay when you were growing up,'  to little fanfare.

People didn't believe in gay marriage in the 1990s: They believed in registering sex offenders.

I grew up in the Region of Waterloo. When was the last time a guy in a van abducted a kid and raped and murdered them? When that does happen it often makes national and sometimes international news.

As the country was flooded with immigrants from the 3rd World people had an existential threat to worry about: Child rapists.

In Canada the Catholic church had a problem abusing orphans in the 1950s. I think that by the 1970s and 80s they were sorting themselves out. Is the reason priest child abuse went down cuz mass immigration? Cuz they started putting air bags in cars in the 1970s cuz mass immigration. Many doctors smoked in the 1950s; did they stop cuz mass immigration?

Who had a problem with pedophiles? Ontario in the 1980s or South Africa, Pakistan, and India today?

These people are going to show Europeans how to build a
social democracy.

John Cusack's Exact Double Went On A Shooting Spree In Texas!

The Council Of European Canadians Spends Too Much Time Attacking Jordan Peterson When They Could Be Attacking John Cusack Instead

Here's a link to their latest article.

He's already down in the polls for who Canadians want to be the next Hitler of Canada.

When I get elected Hitler I'll be being chauffeured around in a Mercedes-Benz with Swastika flags. I'll say: "Don't worry: This won't end badly. Most of my Anti-Semitism is directed at the Hollywood Jews. I'm not going to invade the Soviet Union: There's no longer a threat of Stalinism taking over Europe. I'm just going to invade Sweden and steal all of their blond children and bring them back here and teach them how to speak English."

My attitude is that Jordan Peterson isn't a 100% cultural Marxist shill; He's only 50% cultural Marxist shill and 50% Ontario PC.

To help Peterson out I will continue my attack on Hollywood shithead John Cusack.

Artist's illustration of Cusack about to rape a 1980s
AIDS-era gay robot.

John Cusack is so perverted in 1999 he was involved in something called, 'Being John Malkovich.' He led a group of people who repeatedly violated Malkovich.

Nobody violates John Malkovich. He's my favourite Nordic Aryan or possibly Celtic slash Yugoslavian actor. I loved him where he played himself in, 'Being John Malkovich.'

Nevertheless, John Cusack really is a shithead.

There was another school shooting spree in Texas. Can we pin all of the shooting sprees that have taken place since the late 90's on Cusack? Let's try.

The accused school shooter, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, was known to wear a jacket with both an iron cross and a hammer and sickle pin on it.

This is one shooting spree that the MSM can't blame on the pro-Holocaust Andrew Anglin or the Alt-Right terrorist Jordan Peterson. This looks like the work of none other than John Cusack.

Recently, I've proven that Hollywood's other most evil man, Wil Wheaton, is really Joseph Stalin. See...

Back in the 1980s and 90s when many Americans watched 5 hours of TV a day and thought that they were operating with cutting edge reality but were really being brainwashed into population replacement, Wil Wheaton was the most laughed at teen on prime time.

Why did Hollywood put a 15-year-old on the deck of the Star Trek Enterprise?

While Wheaton made his life about geekdom and is a self-professed nerd, if he grew up not wearing a Star Trek uniform he would have been better-looking than the average kid...

But, ofcourse, with all of the homophobia AIDS created, nobody knew who was good-looking or ugly.

Not me. I always knew John Cusack was ugly.

A screenshot of Cusack from when he played the part of Woody
Harrelson in the 90s movie that encouraged people
to go on shooting sprees.

1994 - Natural Born Killers...

There's no way Woody from Cheers would do a movie like that. They must have used special lighting to make Cusack look like him.

Now let's compare some of the shooters to celebrities...

Kip Kinkel and Justin Bieber are an exact match!

Wil Wheaton and Randy Stair are another exact match...

And John Cusack's exact double just went on
a shooting spree in Texas.

Why do so many shooters look like they belong at a Ron Paul convention?

You have to be brainwashed into population replacement.

Here's 22 Minutes Shaun Majumder singing a song about how much he likes white women...

The native people of Japan are the Ainu. Nobody cares about that. When the Olympics was in Beijing nobody bothered to go there to hand out gay literature. There are currently thousands of Afghans on death row in Iran on petty drug charges. Maybe America should go to war with Iran to move more people into Europe.

Minorities weren't popular with good-looking kids when I was in grade 3. Girls are disgusted with boys. When Shaun Majumder was in grade 3 his best friend looked something like this...

He doesn't remember that because he envied the boys girls didn't make fun of...

After having been made fun of by girls in grade 3 South Asian guys sat in class in high school and learned about how Hitler wanted to kill them, in a room full of blond women and feeling genetically related to guys who look like this...

While white guys who fit in were interested in how other white guys were gay.

When I was in high school they kept almost all of the blacks in remedial. The people in advanced didn't even notice.

A redhead boy in grade 3 will become friends with a black girl. Everybody-the girls, Asians, and other boys-were disgusted with the first kid to befriend blacks.

By high school women know that they're nice. What was important in forming LGBT after all of the homophobia AIDS created is that women payed it forward and backward: They let the boys they had hated fit in at the expense of the boys that they had liked in grades 1 to 3.

After all of the homophobia AIDS created in 1991 rap music went mainstream. Suddenly blacks were very hetero and white kids envied their masculinity.

In 1991 Jeremy D. killed himself infront of his grade 10 English class. He had brown hair, green eyes, and freckles. People had turned on the better-looking boy who had made friends with blacks before they were cool.

Around the same time a black teacher at my high school named Mark Seupersaud joked with other teachers that if you're a male minority and there's three redheads in your grade 3 class you have to hang around with the ugliest one and that normal looking boys wouldn't even talk to you.

Washington Post Calls Justin Trudeau A Stupid Bitch!

The Post has long been referred to as, 'Pravda on the Potomac.' But now one of America's largest Stalinist newspapers is changing its tune.

They no doubt saw one of my blog posts where I threatened to become Hitler of Canada and gas John Cusack to death with Zyklon-B, and got scared.

Many people have become unimpressed with Justin Trudeau. His recent trip to New York had people saying: "That kid from The Wonder Years hasn't aged. Oh, no wait: It's the Prime Minister of Canada."

Here is some of the article.

I've edited it,  placing the word "Fluffhead" between Justin and Trudeau.

Justin "Fluffhead" Trudeau’s appallingly dishonest speech to NYU

As is common among sheltered men of extreme privilege, when Justin "Fluffhead" Trudeau attempts to share relatable thoughts on modern life, his words tend to expose a speaker who has no actual familiarity with social trends but has clearly been briefed to their existence. The commencement speech he delivered Wednesday at New York University is a classic study of an obliviously cloistered poseur trying desperately to feign compliance with current fashions. A belabored reference to Pokémon Go was the least of it.

Trudeau (aka: Fluffhead) — or whatever team of speechwriters and handlers who do the heavy thinking on his behalf — seems broadly aware that North America is mired in a state of intense sociopolitical polarization, and that amid all this shouting and anger, it is the role of great minds to reassert the case for virtues of free speech and intellectual diversity.

John Cusack Is An Ugly Fuck

Artist's illustration of Cusack about to rape a 1980s
AIDS-era gay robot.

I really hate the 1980s actor John Cusack. Once I had a real back and forth; a debate with him on Reddit. I learned how dumb he was.

I went to elementary school in the 1980s. I often liked TV shows that nobody else liked.

I liked, 'Moonlighting.'

A guy would say to me, "You like Moonlighting? That's a girls show: It's a soap opera."

Moonlighting is not a girl's show. They killed Cybill Shepherd making Moonlighting. And after they cancelled it Bruce Willis couldn't find work in anything. I think he did commercials for Maytag in the 90s.

But Cusack's role in Moonlighting completely ruined it...

John Cusack as Agnes DiPesto's boyfriend.

At least if Adolf Hitler and the Nazis had succeeded in their plan of taking over the entire world and killing everyone who doesn't have blond hair we wouldn't be stuck with ugly fucks like John Cusack.

John Cusack's role in 'Deliverance,' where he raped another guy.

Recently, using Wikipedia, I proved that...

-Most of the Jews on the St. Louis, the ship that was turned away and sent back to Nazi Germany, survived the war.

-That there never was any gassing of  Jews within the borders of Germany proper. Anne Frank and her sister died of typhus which was probably caused by Allied saturation bombing.

-That there never were any Jews turned into soap.

But I think if you've ever seen any of John Cusack's movies you'll agree that he should probably be put on a cattle car for eastern Poland and gassed to death with Zyklon-B.

John Cusack has black hair and eyes the colour of coal.

I bet when he was in grade 5 he came out
of the closet as a heterosexual and perved
blonde girls.

I went to elementary school in the 1980s. People were so brainwashed in the 80s that Cusack was a thing. Some people even thought that he was a good actor.

Cusack completely destroying the movie, 'Ishtar,' where he
played the part of the evil Arab guy, the camel, and
Warren Beatty.

The first thing that happened when they began the process of population replacement is that they let a lot of Asians into the country.

And there were a lot of Asians in my neighborhood.

But the white kids were still white. There would only be 2 or 3 boys in class as dark as John Cusack.

And going to school with Asians turned those guys white. They didn't necessarily make friends with minorities first.

If your son looked like this...

He played with minorities. And they'd get tired of him quick and make him feel ugly.

While Asians can go to York University and claim that they suffer from microaggressions going to school with them changed the way white kids socialized with each other.

But, of course, John Cusack already knows that. Along with Seth Rogen, Spielberg, and George Soros.

When I get elected Hitler of Canada one of my election promises will be to have John Cusack gassed to death with Zyklon-B for his involvement in the murder of Jeremy Wade Delle. After a fair trial. With a judge doing a lot of yelling in German.

People think that boys that look like Justin Bieber
made friends with minorities in grade 3. It's
because they're not stigmatized. If you're a
boy who doesn't fit in your biggest
enemy in grade 3 are girls.
Then women rode a high in 
high school, learning
Hitler is bad.

Shortly before Spielberg made, 'Schindler's List,' he came out with a movie called, 'Empire of the Sun.'

It's about a wealthy boy that looks like Justin Bieber or Charlie Sheen surrounded by poor Asians.

Jeremy had green eyes, brown hair, and freckles.

 From emailing someone who knew him:

From a website:

I just read all you have written on Jeremy Delle. I went to middle school with him. He was a good friend. I was brought to tears by the photo of the Richardson High School yearbook's memorial: Your eyes will forever be in our memories. That is what I can bring into my mind still so vividly. And his freckles. He played the trumpet. He was funny. He was kind. I guess I never knew the troubles behind that smile, nor he mine. I wasn't around when all this happened.  - Leah

Another website:

Medical examiner performs an autopsy on 5-foot-8, 128-pound Jeremy. He had green eyes, straight brown hair and three tattoos: a cross on his upper left chest, a “13” on the back of his left hand, and an unspecified one on his left arm.

Jeremy died in 1991.

After All of the homophobia AIDS created suddenly blacks were heterosexual as rap music went mainstream and, after making fun of unattractive South Asian girls, you could be moral by deciding Hitler was bad.

Across N. America many other boys like Jeremy also died, went crazy, or became drug addicts.

The Holocaust Museum Should Update Their Poem...

"First the school boards Hitler/Holocausted to death the better looking boys with green eyes, brown hair and freckles and I did not speak out because on a subconscious level I was disgusted by how when I was in grade 3 they only played with minorities.

Then the school boards Hitler/Holocausted to death the better looking boys with dark eyes, black hair, pale skin and freckles and I did not speak out because I thought the fat guy who looked liked that was amusing.

Then the school boards Hitler/Holocausted to death other better looking boys with brown hair and freckles who were in remedial and I did not speak out because I was too busy figuring out that a redhead guy was gay because, on a subconscious level, I was disgusted by how when you add Asians to an elementary school the redheaded boy played with girls.

I didn't even notice when Seinfeld was a new show that there weren't any fat or tiny little black guys at my school because I was too busy watching Will Smith on TV. So I did not speak out."



And Also...

In the year before Dylan Roof went on a shooting spree was he willing to hang around with a normal looking guy with freckles or a blond guy that was better looking than him, on a regular basis?

Breakdown of childhood development psychology.