Karen Wang - Play By Play - Canadian Politics

In a desperate attempt to get more readers to my blog, I had to do some retooling.

Today there's more news on the fiasco going on in the riding of Burnaby South. Justin Trudeau still hasn't called in the army.

But other blogs are already covering all of this.

How can I relay Canadian political news in a way that grabs the reader's attention?

Then I realized everybody hates politics. But they like football...

Welcome to a historical first in how the reporting of Canadian politics is done!

I've taken my own analysis of the situation and will now report on it as if it were a football play by play:

"Welcome to the Ugly Hockey Sweater's coverage of....

...whatever's going on in Burnaby South."

"We're you're two announcers."

"Lot's of political parties on the field today. All
of them fairly liberal."

"Yeah, this is Canada. At least in the NFL you
can like Trump but you're Hitler."

"But Hillary is a bitch."

"She sure is, Tom."

"Right now Karen Wang is running down the 
field. She's flailing her arms around, 
trying to swing the Liberal Party
back to her favour."

"The other candidates of Burnaby South
look on as she reaches the endzone,
where the Liberal Party waits.
She falls to her knees, begging

"It's surprising that the ref isn't even calling
a safe space."

"What gets me, Tom, is that she didn't even
try to become POC allies with the
other candidates. She ran straight
back to Trudeau and the 

"She's trying to create her own safe space
in the endzone but the Liberals aren't
having any of it. They're pushing
Wang away."

"And it looks like Justin Trudeau is crying
and yelling something about how the safe 
space is in all of our hearts."

"And it's been another sad day for
Canadian politics. Maybe we should
just make Karen Wang Prime

And there you go: You won't find another analysis as concise in the Globe and Mail or the National Post.

But here they are, anyway:



Chat Service 'Slack' Joins The Neo Nazi, Pro-Hitler, Alt-Right With A Redesign Of Their Logo

USA terrorist Sam Hyde probably went to their
offices and demanded them to have
a logo that honours
Adolf Hitler.

As the population of the West gets replaced with people from racist, homophobic shitholes, denazification is more important than ever.

And Slack has created a lot of commotion in becoming another company to join the pro-Hitler, pro-Trump, Neo Nazi, Alt-Right.

Last week an Australian mother accused Kinder Surprise of, "subliminal marketing," because of a toy that that company made to get her kid to join the KKK...

But now Slack is under fire from liberals who are still sickened by the way Anne Frank was gassed and then turned into soap...

Libya Now As Dangerous As Detroit

I added pictures to an article from France 24:

Fierce battles between militias from the capital and from other areas in the west of the country rocked Tripoli between the end of August and early September, leaving at least 117 dead and hundreds wounded.

 The UN brokered the September truce deal that helped end the violence.

 But witnesses reported sporadic shooting and road closures on Wednesday after the Tripoli Protection Force alliance warned on Facebook it would "repel an attack" by a rival group that had failed to withdraw from the capital.

The Seventh Brigade militia, from the town of Tarhuna, has maintained its positions in Tripoli since the ceasefire agreement.

The UN said that "any party initiating a confrontation will be held fully responsible" and insisted it "will take action as necessary" to halt any violence.

Libya has been torn between rival administrations and a myriad of militias since the overthrow and killing of dictator Moamer Kadhafi in 2011.

The main armed groups in Tripoli say they are loyal to the internationally backed Government of National Accord (GNA), but officials have struggled to exert real control over the fighters.

The GNA announced security reforms in the wake of the bloodshed last year, aimed at curbing the power of militias in the capital.

A second administration in the east of Libya is backed by strongman Khalifa Haftar and his self-proclaimed Libyan National Army.

The Top 3 Reasons Terrorists Hate America

In the past Americans would have liked to believe that terrorists hate America because it is a country which is a beacon of shining light for freedom and democracy in the world. But others knew that it was because of America's billions of dollars of support for Israel or the fact that the American government thought that it was a police force for the world.

But, after doing some research, I found more reasons why terrorists hate America.

In considering political and socio-economic data, along with other factors, I concluded that the biggest are:

2006's, 'You, Me, and Dupree,' which stars Seth Rogen...


2. 2012's, 'The Guilt Trip,' starring Seth Rogen...

3. And 2016's, 'Sausage Party,' also starring Seth Rogen....

This Week In Holocaust

In the 1990s white people were so smart that they watched Wil Smith on TV and sent their kids to school with Asians, South Asians, and Arabs to give educators a chance to unracist them by Holocaust.

Many of the same educators were sending their own kids to the whitest schools.

And now there's more:

Holographic Jews will continue the legacy of going on and on about the Holocaust as the population is replaced by the 3rd World, for years to come.

Holocaust studies was important in creating the idea that the Nazis gassed 10 million in downtown Germany and all the German school kids knew it was happening and did nothing from preventing them from gassing more.

When Stalin killed more in peace time, educators were successful in creating the idea that the Germans systematically gassed 9 million people to death and that that happened within the borders of Germany proper.

A quick look on Youtube found this video of an amateur historian visiting the Dachau concentration camp...

It's an important video because he's retracing the footsteps of the zero Jews who were marched to the gas chambers at Dachau before zero of their bodies were cremated: The cremation taking place after a grand total of zero of them were gassed to death with Zyklon-B.

After girls were disgusted with brown skin in elementary school and everyone forgot that that happened, exaggerating and making stuff up about Nazis was important in how educators worked with Hollywood to extend childhood developmental psychology.

Jews and Turks have a problem becoming #POC allies with each other in their own homelands. So do blacks and Arabs. But they can do so easily over here after Spielberg and the school boards killed this boy...