@tenenbom I Found A Jew Even Fatter Than Rhonda Fink-Whitman!

I write a blog about the time AIDS killed 30 million and its homophobia was downloaded onto the skinnier boys who had made friends with minorities in elementary school through rap music going mainstream in 1990 and repetitive Holocaust studies.

If Tuvia Tenenbom wasn't so fat he could come to Canada and ask Warren Kinsella about it.

The least racist kid in junior high school is the one boy with green eyes, brown, hair and freckles. It's because all of the white kids had hated him at one time or another.

Pearl Jam's Jeremy

Tenonbom recently went to Northern Ireland to uncover how the Irish hate the Jews.

His videos are so good I move that we deport him to Iran so he can help educate people about anti-Semitism there.

In closing fuck you Heather Mallick. Fuck you.

Jordan Peterson Is Made Laughing Stock At Debate Of Century!

In what was supposed to be one of the greatest philosophical events of our time, Jordan Peterson debated another monumental thinker this past Friday.

Scalpers were making more money on this than Leafs tickets and journalists were comparing the it to an intellectual boxing match.

Peterson was set to debate Borat Sagdiyev.

'The Guardian' did a good write up on what transpired.

Heather Mallick Is Still In Love With Justin Trudeau

Aren't there ethical guidelines that are put in place to prevent journalists from being in love with political leaders?

In an earlier blog posts I've explained why Heather Mallick is the cause of all racism and homophobia since the beginning of time.

Once I wrote that I fully expected the ground underneath the Toronto Star's offices to open up and it be sucked down to its original proper place as one of the circles of hell.

But now Heather Mallick continues to make the political establishment vomit with her infatuation with Trudeau. She recently wrote...

“Should the Conservatives win election by courting climate ignorance and spite, they will kill carbon pricing and huddle in the basement.They will freeze out refugees fleeing war. They will weaponize quiet racism and make us more American.”

At least she didn't use the word, 'Hitler,' to describe Scheer.

*Andrew Scheer is the pro-Trump, Alt-Right, Nazi, White Nationalist candidate who promises to be almost as liberal as Justin Trudeau once he gets elected.

In closing fuck you, Heather Mallick. Fuck you.

Arguing With People On Reddit And Twitter: Did AIDS Cause Homophobia?

I've argued with people over whether AIDS caused a lot of homophobia.

You have someone who was born in 1975.

The biggest news story of the 1980s is a flu-like disease killing homosexuals.

If you have a boy with brown hair, green eyes, and freckles girls are disgusted with him in grade 3.

You either fit in or you don't so that also applies to other boys who don't fit in.

Boys who don't fit in are treated as if they're diseased in grades 1 to 3.

The whole gay community is viewed as being diseased, also.

If you were born in 1975 you'd be 12 in 1987.

If a 12-year-old in 1987 went downtown and met someone who told them that they were gay, the 12-year-old would hold their breath.

Everyone, at one point or another was a homophobe.

At the age of 14 in 1989 the only person who could be described as being gay positive would be a boy who looked like this...

If he went to school with Asians and was from a richer family and had an A-average.

At one time or another everyone in his class in elementary school was attracted to him. So he won't mistake envy for homosexuality.

Boys who look like the Columbine shooters...

Who were from wealthier families were supposed to sit in class with beautiful women, fat guys, and South Asian guys who felt genetically related to them, and feel good about themselves.

After making fun of unattractive South Asian girls, all they had to do to be moral was realize that Hitler was bad.

Some boys who looked like this...

Would think that all of the latent homophobia around him is stupid. After being ostracized for being friends with the only black girl in his class in grade 3, he'd know what it's like to be treated as if he has AIDS.

And boys in high school reverted back into childhood...

And got off on how they fit in.

As I've said I've argued with people on whether there was any correlation between AIDS and homophobia.

From Wikipedia...

Ryan Wayne White (December 6, 1971 – April 8, 1990)[1] was an American teenager from Kokomo, Indiana, who became a national poster child for HIV/AIDS in the United States after failing to be re-admitted to school following a diagnosis of AIDS. As a hemophiliac, he became infected with HIV from a contaminated factor VIII blood treatment and, when diagnosed in December 1984, was given six months to live. Doctors said he posed no risk to other students, as AIDS is not an airborne disease and spreads solely through body fluids, but AIDS was poorly understood by the general public at the time. When White tried to return to school, many parents and teachers in Howard County rallied against his attendance due to concerns of the disease spreading through bodily fluid transfer.

Will Fundamentalist Christians Become #POC Allies With Muslims Now That We Live In The Age Of The Openly Gay 8-Year-Old?

For their percentage of the population, there were too many redhead kids on TV in the 1970s. Many were in TV shows that took place in the 1950s or 1930s.

In 1980 people saw a lot of redheads and black people who didn't fit in on TV.

Then, after the girls had wanted all of the boys who didn't fit in dead at one time or another in elementary school, we unlearned racism by Holocaust.

And unlearning racism by exaggerating and making stuff up about Nazis is more relevant than ever as we replace the population with the 3rd World. It taught that all of the blacks in Africa speak the same language and that mass immigration causes a high force of LGBT and feminism.

Why is it that now that Europeans know that they'll become a minority the #MeToo movement suddenly got off the ground? If journalists were doing their jobs why didn't they report on people like Weinstein 15 years ago?

Now Muslim parents in England are outraged that kids as young as 4 have access to a book entitled, 'Daddy's Roommate.'

Aside from trying to make same sex relationships acceptable to preschoolers, 'Daddy's Roommate,' will also teach Muslim children that redheaded men are gay...

Holocaust studies was important in teaching teens that people who look like this make friends with cool blacks in grade 4...

In the book, 'Daddy's Roommate,' a redhead guy leaves his wife after finding out she's really infatuated with Justin Trudeau...

And then gets a job at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation...