Dear Brainwashed Fags

I've argued with you losers on Reddit.

AIDS created a lot of homophobia.

Boys who are in elementary school are basically openly attracted to each other. If you took a 10-year-old and suddenly aged him 4 years and sent him into high school everybody would think that he was gay as he'd look around and try to make friends with the people who had liked him when he was 10.

I, myself, wasn't a fag when I was 10. I'm more of an Android that was built on the secret Nazi base in Antarctica and sent here to drive Warren Kinsella crazy.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to spend the rest of the day editing Joseph Goebbels' speeches to be entirely about Seth Rogen so that they don't sound too antisemitic.

"Seth Rogen is behind Roosevelt in his brain trust. Seth
Rogen is behind Churchill as his prompters. Seth
Rogen is the rabble-rouser behind the
entire English, American, Soviet

If Warren Kinsella Writes Another Book On Nazis To Help Stop The Rise Of New Hitler As We Flood The West With People From Racist 3rd World Shitholes That Still Have Human Slavery, Could He Include A Chapter On Why Murderous Nazis Are So Damn Sexy?

What you need to know:

-Warren Kinsella and Justin Trudeau have probably never had a relationship with a woman of color.

-After getting made fun of by girls in grade 2 and 3 Jian Ghomeshi likes white women.

-Canada was diversified with vibrancy when South Asians and other minorities sat in class with guys that look like Samuel Woodward and felt genetically related to them...

For more pictures of sexy men check out the SPLC's full list of
Alt-Right hate killers HERE.

What's On CNN Right Now

Old white guy defends overpaid athletes in USA.

Meanwhile what's going on in POC ally country Japan...

And the native people of Japan were called the Ainu but nobody cares about that.

Rumour has it that during the war Japan had all of their Social Justice Warriors executed.

Another Crazed Trump Supporter Goes On Shooting Spree

If only Americans had elected female Bill Clinton there
would be a lot less shootings.

On February 10th gunman Joseph Nickell killed four people and then himself in Johnson County, Kentucky.

The victims were apparently his parents and his girlfriend and one of her parents. reports that Nickell's Facebook profile image was of an Israeli flag.

Online he voiced his Christian beliefs and had disdain for Muslims.

He had a sister who died recently.

Rebekah Nickell

In May of 2017 she was arrested for drugs and public intoxication and by August she was dead.

While the leftist media blames the right, I blame the breakdown of developmental psychology which occurred as we flooded the country from the 3rd World and went on and on about Hitler to unlearn racism.

"I'm a white male who fits in. As my race dies off I'll put the flag 
of Israel on my profile and learn about the time Adolf Hitler
tried to takeover the entire world and kill everyone
who doesn't have blond hair and blue eyes."

Further Reading:

Drug companies submerged WV in opioids: One town of 3,000 got 21 million pills

Is Colten Boushie Canada's Trayvon Martin?

Justin Trudeau comments on the innocent verdict of a murder trial...

Some responses...

Some facts about the case...

Aug. 9, 2016: RCMP receive a phone call from Stanley on his farm near Biggar, Sask. Police arrive and find Boushie dead with a bullet wound to the back of his head. He is lying on the ground near a disabled grey Ford Escape. Stanley, his wife and son are taken into custody. His wife and son are released a short time later.

Aug. 10, 2016: RCMP issue a news release saying five people were in a vehicle that drove onto private property. Mounties say words were exchanged in an attempt to get the vehicle to leave before shots were fired. Police say three people from the vehicle were taken into custody as part of a theft investigation but officers still looking for a male youth. Stanley is tested for gunshot residue, photographed and charged with second-degree murder.

Dear @splcenter: Samuel Woodward Is Soooooo Good-looking!

Alert Warren Kinsella that the SPLC has added this sexy beast to their list of Neo Nazi Alt-Right Hate Killers...

Sam Woodward wouldn't have had any problems getting a girlfriend at my high school.

Women had a lot of contempt for the guys who had made friends with minorities in elementary school first...

In fact, if I went to school with Woodward, he might be best friends with a boy that looked like Jeremy Delle by grade 6 before blowing him off by high school because he'd be sitting in class with blonde women who'd know he's anti-Holocaust and South Asian guys who'd feel genetically related to him.

Sexy Pics Of Some Of The SPLC's Alt-Right Hate Killers!

Here's the SPLC's FULL LIST.

Dylan Roof in happier times

White nationalist James Fields has a Jewish mother

Devon Arthurs converted to Islam before
killing his Neo Nazi friends

Elliot Rodger isn't white.

Christopher Harper-Mercer isn't white.

Jeremy Christian

Samuel Woodward

Sean Urbanski

When I was in high school, when we unlearned racism by going on and on about Hitler and Nazis, these guys would have done pretty good for themselves sitting in class with beautiful blond women and South Asian guys who felt genetically related to them.

As people watched blacks on TV my school kept most of them in remedial.

The Southern Poverty Law Center should do a study on how many people they killed since when they began flooding the country with people from racist 3rd World shitholes that still have human slavery so that they could come here and become victims of Adolf Hitler.

SPLC Admitting That Immigration To Replace Whites Was Planned...

"...Because people thought that they saw the shift in demographics happening if they clamped down on or limited immigration entirely you can change the demographics but you can't BECAUSE THESE THINGS HAVE BEEN PLANNED FOR A WHILE..."

The SPLC Wrote An Article Called 'The Alt-Right is Killing People.'

Here's a list of their Alt-Right killers:

The Holocaust Museum Should Update Their Poem...

"First the school boards Hitler/Holocausted to death the better looking boys with green eyes, brown hair and freckles and I did not speak out because on a subconscious level I was disgusted by how when I was in grade 3 they only played with minorities.

Then the school boards Hitler/Holocausted to death the better looking boys with dark eyes, black hair, pale skin and freckles and I did not speak out because I thought the fat guy who looked liked that was amusing.

Then the school boards Hitler/Holocausted to death other better looking boys with brown hair and freckles who were in remedial and I did not speak out because I was too busy figuring out that a redhead guy was gay because, on a subconscious level, I was disgusted by how when you add Asians to an elementary school the redheaded boy played with girls.

I didn't even notice when Seinfeld was a new show that there weren't any fat or tiny little black guys at my school because I was too busy watching Will Smith on TV. So I did not speak out."

Adolf Eichmann never picked up a gun and killed anyone. Neither did Spielberg or Ontario's teachers.



Even The Communists Think That Justin Trudeau Should Go Back To Being The By Mennen Speed Stick Guy

TVO's Steve Paikin Is A Dangerous Sex Pervert!

As we flooded the country with people from racist third world shitholes that still have human slavery and went on and on about Hitler to try to stop the rise of the Nazi Party of America, some people got away with a lot...

And then what was with all of the ginger jokes?

-Ginger kids don't have friends or souls.

What people learned from the Holocaust is that boys that looked like Justin Bieber or Charlie Sheen who had A-averages made friends with cool black guys in elementary school when, in reality, they didn't.

And Pearl Jam's Jeremy, who shot himself in front of his grade 10 English class, had brown hair, green eyes, and freckles. People forgot that that complexion even existed.

That's what he got for hanging around with minorities in grade 3.

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